Strategic direction

Influencing systemic improvements

We focus on identifying opportunities to facilitate positive change in the National Scheme.

We influenced systemic improvements in several ways in 2021–22. This included by:

  • providing thorough, evidence-based suggestions and recommendations for improvement to Ahpra
  • focusing on the early resolution of complaints, primarily through our assessment, preliminary inquiry and early resolution transfer processes
  • undertaking independent reviews of systemic issues.

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Engaging and communicating

We ensure our office’s services are understandable and accessible to our diverse community.

In 2021–22 we focused on implementing our digital engagement strategy, including launching new official social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have heard from complainants that finding and understanding information about how to make a health-related complaint in Australia can be challenging. We focus on demystifying our role in the National Scheme by sharing stories about the positive changes we have helped bring about at the individual and system levels.

Our social media launch helped us find a broader audience and connect with health practitioners and members of the public. For the first time in our office’s history, we received more contact from the public and health practitioners via our web form than any other communication channel (679 approaches). We also saw an increase in people accessing our website and its content, including a 91 per cent increase in new website users from 2020–21 and a 93 per cent increase in the number of people who visited the website from 2020–21.

In 2021–22 we continued to use our office’s unique perspective and data to contribute to ongoing areas of discussion in the National Scheme and to respond to requests for information or consultation.

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Building capability

We support operational development and staff excellence.

Our focus on operational excellence in 2021–22 resulted in a range of activities to improve the office’s performance, risk management and internal operations. We continued to strengthen our internal governance mechanisms to ensure accountability, provide opportunities to incorporate staff feedback, and facilitate quick responses to emerging environmental issues. We also implemented two new forums to provide opportunities for greater involvement and collaboration by staff.

Our office continues to develop our hosting arrangements with the Victorian Department of Health. The department provides our office with corporate support such as information technology, payroll and human resources support.

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Enhancing accountability

We highlight our essential but lesser known oversight roles in the National Scheme. 

Our role in the National Scheme has broadened significantly over time to provide greater accountability. Our enhancing accountability strategic direction focuses on driving awareness of our newer and lesser known privacy and FOI functions and the expansion of our jurisdiction to accept complaints to the Ombudsman and Commissioner about accreditation organisations in the National Scheme. This is to ensure these services are accessed when needed, and that we continue to increase our ability to make positive changes in these areas.

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