Accreditation complaints

Our office accepts complaints about the processes of accreditation committees established by the Boards. Soon our role will expand to accepting complaints about the processes of external accreditation authorities

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While we can help with complaints about accreditation committees established by a National Health Practitioner Board, we can’t help with complaints about external accreditation authorities yet. We expect the National Law to be amended in 2022 so that we can.

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The role of accreditation authorities

Accreditation authorities have an essential role in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) including to:

  • develop accreditation standards for a Board’s approval
  • accredit education providers and programs of study to ensure they meet approved accreditation standards
  • assess overseas-qualified practitioners and assessing authorities in other countries
  • provide advice to the Boards about these functions.

Multiple accreditation authorities, including specialist medical colleges, are responsible for undertaking the National Scheme’s accreditation functions. The accreditation process varies by health profession.

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We will accept complaints about external accreditation authorities soon

In February 2020 the COAG Health Council agreed that our role will be expanded to allow us to accept complaints about external accreditation authorities undertaking accreditation functions under the National Law.

We will assist with:

  • complaints to the Ombudsman about external accreditation authorities’ processes
  • complaints to the Commissioner about the use of personal information and alleged breaches of privacy by external accreditation authorities.

Federal Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation does not apply to external accreditation authorities and so the scope of our role will not be expanded in relation to FOI matters.

We will include more information about complaints related to external accreditation authorities soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about how we currently process complaints to the Ombudsman that relate to accreditation.

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  • Find out more about how our office provides a free and independent complaint handling service for the public and health practitioners.

  • Find out more about our review of existing processes and procedures of accreditation authorities in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

  • Learn more about the role of accreditation authorities.

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