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  • Mohammad’s story
    Man in personal protective equipment types while carefully considering a laptop screen

    Mohammad’s story

    Mohammad raised concerns with our office about the Board’s decision to take no further action following a notification he had made about a health practitioner’s conduct.

  • Emma’s story
    A man and woman in personal protective equipment look intently at what they are doing

    Emma’s story

    An international medical graduate, Emma, made a complaint to the Ombudsman about how her application for a change in circumstances related to supervision requirements on her registration was handled by Ahpra and the Board. Emma was concerned about a delay in assessing her application.

  • Nushi’s story
    A woman wearing a stethoscope and white coat sits behind a desk, observing the camera

    Nushi’s story

    Nushi raised concerns with our office about Ahpra and the Board’s handling of her application to have conditions removed from her registration. Nushi complained about the delay in removing these conditions.

Our complaint stories and case studies provide a snapshot of the types of complaints and enquiries our office receives. We’ve found this can help people better understand what we do and the different types of outcomes we achieve.

To maintain confidentiality when we share stories on our website and in our publications, we do not use real names and remove any information that could identify someone. We may sometimes include information such as a person’s profession or cultural background if it is needed for the matter to be understood. Given Ahpra and the Boards are identifiable in our case studies, we request Ahpra review the facts of each story prior to publication. All images we use are illustrative only and do not picture anyone involved in the matter.

We are committed to protecting personal information collected or held by our office. Our privacy and confidentiality page provides more information about how we use and share person information. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Privacy and confidentiality

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