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  • Eleni and Grace's stories
    Two women speak under the glow of sunshine from outside

    Eleni and Grace's stories

    Eleni and Grace contacted us separately to make complaints about the application of the English Language Skills Registration Standard (the ELS Standard).

  • Doha’s story
    Woman in white t-shirt sits in kitchen

    Doha’s story

    Doha made a complaint to our office about Ahpra’s handling of the concerns she had raised about a health practitioner.

  • Benjamin’s story
    A person appears to journal with a black pen

    Benjamin’s story

    Benjamin’s representative made a complaint to our office regarding a regulatory exam administered by Ahpra and the Board.

Our complaint stories and case studies provide a snapshot of the types of complaints and enquiries our office receives. We’ve found this can help people better understand what we do and the different types of outcomes we achieve.

To maintain confidentiality when we share stories on our website and in our publications, we do not use real names and remove any information that could identify someone. We may sometimes include information such as a person’s profession or cultural background if it is needed for the matter to be understood. Given Ahpra and the Boards are identifiable in our case studies, we request Ahpra review the facts of each story prior to publication. All images we use are illustrative only and do not picture anyone involved in the matter.

We are committed to protecting personal information collected or held by our office. Our privacy and confidentiality page provides more information about how we use and share person information. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Privacy and confidentiality

  • Arthur’s story
    A man looks contemplatively at a laptop screen

    Arthur’s story

    Arthur made a complaint to our office about how Ahpra was managing concerns he raised about a health practitioner.

  • Alyssa’s story
    A woman in scrubs leans back on a couch, exhausted

    Alyssa’s story

    Alyssa, a health practitioner, made a complaint to our office in relation to a notification she had made about another health practitioner’s conduct. 

  • Karim’s story
    A man sits outside will reading something on his tablet

    Karim’s story

    Karim’s legal representative contacted our office about the handling of notifications he had made about two health practitioners relating to care he had received while in hospital. 

  • Anna’s story
    A woman in red with crossed arms looks out from a bridge

    Anna’s story

    We received a complaint from a health practitioner, Anna, who had made a notification about herself to Ahpra.

  • Jan's story
    A man stares at the camera pensively in a blue suit

    Jan's story

    Jan made a complaint to our office about the registration renewal fee he had been charged.

  • Mila's story
    A young woman in pink looks ahead from her desk in a classroom

    Mila's story

    Mila, an overseas-qualified practitioner, complained to our office about the delivery of the multiple choice exam (MCQ) and objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) that she was required to sit to become eligible to be registered in Australia.

  • Filip's story
    A man in orange carefully considers some documents

    Filip's story

    Filip made a complaint to our office about Ahpra’s assessment that he was required to sit an English language test.

  • Liv's story
    A person in scrubs sits behind their desk with a laptop and glasses in front of them

    Liv's story

    Liv made a complaint to our office about Ahpra’s process for reminding practitioners about registration renewal

  • Hudson’s story
    A man in a white lab coat examines a document carefully

    Hudson’s story

    Hudson complained to our office about Ahpra’s management of his application for registration. 

  • Yeva's story
    A woman's hair covers her face as she reads something as the light pours in from the window behind her

    Yeva's story

    Yeva contacted our office to make a complaint about the lack of communication they had received from Ahpra after making a notification. Yeva said they had not received any contact from Ahpra in about three months.

  • Aron's story
    A young man sits with his head resting against his arm

    Aron's story

    Aron raised a complaint with our office about the way his personal information had been used and disclosed by Ahpra.

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