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About the Review

Before commencing our expanded role in relation to complaints about external accreditation authorities, the Ombudsman and Commissioner is undertaking an independent review of relevant processes.

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The review is focused on the internal complaint and appeal mechanisms of accreditation authorities. We will work with accreditation authorities to ensure the handling of complaints reflects best practice.

Consideration may also be given to whether other processes followed by bodies performing accreditation functions under the National law are:

  • aligned with the principle of procedural fairness
  • transparent and easily understood
  • applied consistently and fairly.

The review will consider:

  • information provided by accreditation bodies about their current policies and procedures
  • submissions from, and consultations with, bodies involved in accreditation
  • the reports and outcomes of recent relevant reviews
  • applicable complaint handling standards and guides
  • submissions from, and consultations with, any interested organisations and members of the community.

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What's next

Stage Date Process
December 2020 Commence review
2 January 2021 Preliminary research and information gathering
3 February to March 2022 Consultation with specialist medical colleges
4 June to March 2022 Consultation with accreditation committees and other bodies involved in accreditation
5 April 2022 to May 2022 Preparation of report
6 June 2022 Finalise report


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