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We have a five-step process to review a decision made by one of our staff

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The review process

Step 1

Talk with the staff member who managed the complaint

If a person is not happy with a decision we have made or with the way our services were delivered, we recommend raising these concerns directly with the staff member who managed the complaint.

We welcome hearing from complainants and we like being provided with an opportunity to address any concerns or provide a better explanation of our decision or actions.

Applications for an internal review of a decision must be made within three months of your case being closed.

We will only consider granting an extension of time to make an application for an internal review in exceptional circumstances.

Step 2

Apply for a review

If the staff member is not able to resolve a complainant’s concerns, we inform the complainant that they can apply for a review of their matter by a staff member who was not involved in handling their complaint. We call this an ‘internal review’.

The best way to ensure we can quickly process an internal review request is for complainants to complete our review form.

Download a review application form (Word)

Download a review application form (PDF)

Complainants can also choose to request an internal review by emailing or calling us on 1300 795 265.

Requests for internal review must explain why a complainant is dissatisfied with how we handled their complaint or the decision made.

Step 3

Assessment of an internal review application

All internal review applications are carefully assessed by a staff member who has not been involved in the handling of the complaint to decide if there is sufficient reason for a review.

The assessment will consider whether the information provided by the complainant raises:

  • new information about the complaint or the processing of the complaint
  • concerns about how the complaint was handled by our office.

The staff member who assesses the application will let the complainant know the result of their assessment in writing with a detailed explanation of why this decision was made.

Step 4

Internal review considerations

If an application is successful, the staff member will begin the internal review. This review will consider if:

  • the complaint was handled fairly
  • all the issues raised in the complaint were appropriately addressed
  • the decision reached was reasonable based on the available evidence
  • the decision reached was adequately explained to the complainant.

Step 5

Outcome of an internal review

The potential outcomes of an internal review include:

  • the original decision being upheld
  • the original decision being changed
  • the complaint being referred to the staff member who originally had responsibility for the complaint to make further inquiries.

Please note that our office will only review a matter once.

Once a matter has been reviewed, there is no further avenue for appeal or review of the decision.

More information

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