Transferring complaints

We may decide that there is potential to resolve a complaint by transferring it to Ahpra or an accreditation organisation

We may decide that there is potential to resolve a complaint by transferring it to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s (Ahpra) or the relevant accreditation organisation.

This is one of the most common ways our office works with organisations we oversight to get quick and meaningful results for people making a complaint.

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Complaints we transfer

There are two main reasons we recommend transferring a complaints to the organisation which is the subject of the complaint.

Reason 1: The organisation hasn’t had an opportunity to address the concerns raised

We like to give Ahpra and accreditation organisations the opportunity to respond to the concerns raised in a complaint before we take any further steps.

This process often leads to faster results for complainants as Ahpra or the accreditation organisation can address the concerns directly.

Our investigations are comprehensive, which means it can take longer to gather and assess the relevant information.

Reason 2: A matter is ongoing

We generally do not take forward complaints that are about active matters. This is because the concerns raised may be addressed when the matter is finalised. An investigation by our office may also slow down the handling of a matter if the organisation has to respond to our investigation.

This is often the case for complaints to our office about delays associated with registration of health practitioners. For complaints like these, we have found that people often receive an update, and sometimes the registration process is sped up, by transferring the complaint to Ahpra. 

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The transfer process

There are four main steps in the transfer process.

Step 1

We contact the complainant to explain why we believe the best way to address their concerns quickly and effectively is to transfer the complaint to Ahpra or the relevant accreditation organisation. We will then request their consent (either written or over the phone) to transfer the complaint.

Step 2

If the complainant consents to the transfer, we will contact Ahpra or the accreditation organisation to transfer the complaint. The complaint remains open with our office while the organisation responds to it. Generally, the organisation has two business days after the date it receives the complaint from our office to acknowledge receipt. The organisation is required to respond in full to the complaint within 20 business days.

Step 3

Once the complainant receives a response from Ahpra or the accreditation organisation, we will assess the response to ensure it is fair and reasonable. After this assessment, we may decide to:

  • make further enquiries
  • investigate the complaint, or
  • take no further action and finalise the complaint.

Step 4

We will share our assessment of the organisation’s response with the complainant and discuss the best way to finalise the complaint.

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