Feedback about our services

We welcome feedback about our services to help us understand what we are doing right and how we can improve

As an office that handles complaints, we understand the unique value of complaints and suggestions for improvement.

We see complaints about our service as a way of identifying new ways to make our processes better for everyone in the future.

To provide feedback or make a complaint, please contact us.

Review of a decision by our office

If you would like to request a review of a decision we have made, please visit review of our decision.

  • Find out more about how to request a review of a decision made by our office.

  • Find out more about our vision, purpose and values.

  • Learn more about the laws that govern how our office operates.

Find out how to make a complaint to the Ombudsman or Commissioner.

Find out more about how to apply for a review of an Ahpra FOI decision.

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