Meet our team

Our small team of highly skilled and committed staff support the Ombudsman and Commissioner to provide quality services.

Our team is divided into three operational arms to effectively manage our work: the complaints and freedom of information (FOI) branch, the policy and communications team and the business services team.

Our office is hosted by the Victorian Department of Health (the department).

All staff are employees of the department but report to the Ombudsman and Commissioner.

Complaints and FOI branch

Members of the complaints and FOI branch are empathetic and collaborative in their approach to resolving concerns and addressing issues raised by complainants and FOI applicants.

The Ombudsman and Commissioner delegates some decision-making powers to the complaints and FOI branch members. Some staff, for example, can decide whether to investigate complaints and can make findings about the outcomes of investigations. Some staff can also conduct reviews of FOI decisions.

Members of the complaints and FOI team are trained in providing best practice complaint handling. They are skilled in listening and responding empathetically to people’s concerns. The team values working collaboratively with stakeholders to resolve complaints.

Policy and communications team

Our policy and communications team focuses on ensuring our community can access our services.

The team researches and develops submissions on important issues in the National Scheme in collaboration with the Ombudsman and Commissioner. Submissions incorporate our complaints data and trends, and our expertise in administrative processes and decision-making.

The team also helps to deliver the office’s independent reviews by providing essential stakeholder engagement, research and report-writing support.

Business services team

Our business services team provides administrative services for our office. The team manages the day-to-day operations of our office, including upgrading hardware and auditing existing assets. In addition, the team ensures occupational health and safety in the workplace.

The business services team also drives staff recruitment in response to the office’s continued development.

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  • Find out more about how we strive for fair and positive change in the regulation of health practitioners.

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“I’ve worked as a senior member of the office of the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman for over four years. Our team has a rare opportunity to work with people from all walks of life on many different process and policy issues.

Many of the people who contact our office have been through really tough situations involving their health or their careers. It is really rewarding to work with each person and get meaningful outcomes for them.

It is also great to work collaboratively with others to ensure our health practitioner regulation system works fairly and effectively for everyone.”

– Chris Jensen, Assistant Ombudsman

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