Complaints we assist with

We accept two types of complaints:

  • complaints to the Ombudsman

  • privacy complaints to the Commissioner


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Ombudsman complaints

We accept complaints about how the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) and the National Boards have handled matters including:

  • notifications about registered health practitioners
  • registration matters
  • personal information
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

We also accept complaints to the Ombudsman about how accreditation organisations handle matters in areas such as:

  • the accreditation an education provider, program of study or training site
  • assessments of overseas qualified practitioners or specialist medical graduates.

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Most people who contact us want to make a complaint to the Ombudsman. Complaints related to Ahpra or a National Board’s handling of a matter are usually about the notifications and registration processes for the 16 registered health professions in Australia.

Complainants commonly raise concerns about how Ahpra and the National Boards communicated with them, delayed the processing of a matter or applied a policy or procedure.

Communication problems, delays in progressing matters, unfair policies and procedures, not considering all relevant information, inadequate reasons for decisions and failing to respond to complaints

Complaints about the handling of registration matters generally relate to three key areas:

  • delays in the processing and assessment of applications for registration and renewals of registration
  • unfair processes or policies related to assessing applications for registration
  • registration fees.

We generally receive fewer complaints to the Ombudsman about privacy or FOI-related matters.

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Complaints we cannot consider

We cannot consider complaints about whether Ahpra, a National Board or an accreditation organisation made the right or wrong decision about a regulatory matter. For example, we cannot assess whether a National Board’s decision to take action against a health practitioner was correct. Instead, we look at whether the way the matter was handled was fair and reasonable.

Our office may suggest alternative ways for complainants to raise their concerns about issues our office cannot consider. Find out more about making other health complaints.

The following stories demonstrate how our office may approach a complaint made to our office about the notifications process that involves issues we can and cannot consider.

Please note that these stories are illustrative only and do not reflect a specific individual’s experience with our office.

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  • Ombudsman complaints

    Ombudsman complaints

    The Ombudsman can assist with complaints about how Ahpra and the National Boards have handled notification or registration matters, personal information and FOI requests. We also can also assist with concerns about how accreditation organisations (such as specialist medical colleges) have handled some matters, including the accreditation of an education provider, program of study or training site or the assessment of overseas qualified practitioners.

  • Notification complaints

    Notification complaints

    Most complaints we receive are complaints to the Ombudsman about the handling of a notification by Ahpra or a National Board.

  • Registration complaints

    Registration complaints

    We can assist with complaints about the health practitioner registration process.

  • Make a complaint to the Ombudsman

    Make a complaint to the Ombudsman

    Find out how and when you can use our free and independent complaint handling service.

  • Commissioner complaints

    Commissioner complaints

    The Commissioner can assist with complaints about how Ahpra, the National Boards or accreditation organisations, including specialist medical colleges, have collected, used or disclosed personal information.

  • Make a complaint to the Commissioner

    Make a complaint to the Commissioner

    Are you ready to make a complaint about how Ahpra, a National Board or an accreditation organisation used or shared personal information?

  • FOI complaints

    FOI complaints

    We can consider complaints to the Ombudsman about how Ahpra handled a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

  • FOI review

    FOI review

    We can conduct a review of a 'Freedom Of Information' decision made by Ahpra.

  • Apply for FOI review

    Apply for FOI review

    Find out how to make an application for a review of Ahpra's FOI decision.

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