Accreditation authorities

Accreditation authorities ensure individuals seeking registration as a health practitioner have the knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary to safely and competently practise their profession in Australia

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Accreditation authorities’ roles

Accreditation authorities have an essential role in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) including to:

  • develop accreditation standards for a National Health Practitioner Board’s approval
  • accredit education providers and programs of study to ensure they meet approved accreditation standards
  • assess overseas-qualified practitioners and assessing authorities in other countries
  • provide advice to the Boards about these functions.

Multiple accreditation authorities, including specialist medical colleges, are responsible for undertaking the National Scheme’s accreditation functions. The accreditation process varies by health profession.

Types of accreditation authorities

There are two types of accreditation authorities in the National Scheme: external accreditation entities and committees established by the Boards.

Some accreditation authorities also have arrangements with other entities, such as specialist medical colleges, to perform certain accreditation functions. This can include accrediting training sites and assessing the qualifications of overseas-trained practitioners.

External accreditation authorities

External accreditation authorities work with the relevant Board to deliver specified accreditation functions under a formal agreement with Ahpra on the Board’s behalf. There are 10 external accreditation entities.

We cannot yet accept complaints related to external accreditation authorities.

Committees established by the National Boards

Committees established by the National Boards work with the National Board based on the committee’s terms of reference. There are five accreditation committees.

These committees are also often supported by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) staff.

We accept complaints related to how Ahpra and the Boards have handled accreditation matters.

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Accreditation authorities: accreditation committees and other authorities involved in accreditation

Accreditation authorities: specialist colleges

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