Our office follows a range of policies and procedures to ensure we maintain high professional standards and act consistently with our values

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Code of conduct

Our code of conduct outlines the standard of behaviour expected of our staff.

The code sets out an expectation that work will be completed efficiently, fairly, impartially and with integrity.

Service charter

Our service charter sets out the standards of service.

This includes information about what complainants can expect from us and also what we expect from complainants.

Privacy policy

Our office is dedicated to ensuring appropriate protection of personal information.

Our privacy policy sets out how our staff (and any relevant consultants or contractors) protect any personal information collected or held by our office.

Memorandum of understanding

We enter into memorandums of understanding with other organisations and agencies to clarify how we work together to achieve the objectives of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

Memorandum of understanding with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra)


  • Learn more about the laws that govern our work.

  • Find out more about our vision, purpose and values.

  • Read more about our strategic areas of focus.

  • Find out more about how we strive for positive change in the regulation of Australia's registered health professions.

  • Find out more about how we assist with complaints to the Ombudsman and Commissioner and with applications for review of Ahpra's FOI decisions.


Code of conduct

Service charter

Privacy policy

Memorandum of understanding between the NHPOPC and Ahpra

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