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The Commissioner can review Ahpra’s decision about a request for access to documents

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We can conduct a review of a Freedom of Information (FOI) decision made by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra).

The Commissioner can consider Ahpra’s decision about a request for access to documents and decide to:

  • affirm the decision (not change it)
  • vary the decision (not change the decision itself but modify aspects of the decision), or
  • set aside the decision and make a fresh decision (make a new decision).

The Commissioner was granted the power to review Ahpra's FOI decisions in February 2019.

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If you can, please request an internal review by Ahpra’s FOI team before applying for an FOI review by the Commissioner. This is not required but may be a quicker way to get the outcome you want and it gives Ahpra a chance to address your concerns before our office becomes involved.

Your FOI rights

By law, everyone has the right to request access to information held by Ahpra, its Board and the National Boards.

Review application requirements

A review application must be in writing and include a copy of Ahpra’s FOI decision that the applicant would like reviewed along with the applicant’s contact details.

Types of freedom of information review applications

We can consider several different types of FOI review applications. This includes applications to review a decision where Ahpra:

  • did not release documents or certain information requested by the applicant (called an access refusal decision)
  • has decided to release documents or certain information that the applicant has requested not be disclosed (called an access grant decision)
  • has reviewed its original FOI decision to grant or refuse access (called an internal review decision).

We can also consider applications for a review of Ahpra’s refusal to extend the timeframe for an applicant to request an internal review of an FOI decision.

Other freedom of information matters

We can consider a range of other matters related to FOI including:

  • notices of extensions of time for Ahpra to manage an FOI request as agreed between Ahpra and the FOI applicant
  • applications for an extension of time for Ahpra to manage an FOI request (where there has not been an agreement with the applicant)
  • applications for an applicant to be declared vexatious.

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